8ft Trade Show Backdrop Signs

8ft trade show backdrop signs are great for the back of trade show booths. These 8ft backdrop signs fit very well at the rear of display booths. The backdrop signs are full color signs. Meaning you can print multiple colors and images on the signs as you like.

There are many different types of 8ft trade show signs. There are the 8ft trade show banner signs. These are generally 8×8 vinyl banners that are displayed with the help of an adjustable banner stand. The adjustable banner stands can hold a 8×8 banner or a 8×10 backdrop sign. The vinyl banners can have pole pockets or grommets so it can be displayed. The pole pockets allow a pole to go through the pockets and be displayed that way. or you can have grommets and zip tie the backdrop sign to the adjustable frame.

The 8ft backdrop display signs can also be purchased as a complete ready to set up kit. The 8ft tradeshow display signs can either come in a straight version or a curved version. All the hardware, fabric banner and carrying case come with this complete kit. All you need to do is simply walk into your event venue and set it up. The set up time is approx 10 minutes or so.

8ft Trade Show Backdrop Signs
8ft Tradeshow Signs

8ft Trade Show Backdrop Signs Can Be Other Sizes.

The 10ft backdrop banners can also be made for the trade show booth signs. The 10ft tradeshow backdrop signs are also available in the straight or curved versions as well. The fabric banner is wrinkle free and makes these trade show signs look very professional. Best of all is the fact that the tradeshow display signs can be used multiple times. If your design changes, you can simply buy a new fabric banner rather than a whole new kit.

Your local Vegas tradeshow sign company will have more information about these large backdrop signs.