Banners Vegas For Conventions

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Banners Vegas are great for conventions and trade shows. These Las Vegas banner are custom made for your display booth. The vendors and companies who are displaying at these events like to use them as backdrop banners. So the backdrop banners are usually a 8×8 banner or a 8×10 banner. These banner sizes seem to be the most popular sizes for the rear of display booths. So they are held up by an adjustable banner stand. The banner stand adjusts to the size of the banner. So you can have a 7×8 banner and the banner stand would still be able to display it.

Las Vegas is a major destination in the world for events and shows. Millions of people come to Las Vegas Nevada annually for these events. So this attracts the top companies in the world and thousands of vendors who display their products. So Las Vegas has three very large convention venues to handle the events. The Las Vegas Convention Center is the largest at over three million square feet of floor space. So next are the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and Venetian Convention Center at over one million square feet of space. So these facilities are so large that they can handle multiple conventions taking place at one time. Many Vegas banners, pull up banner stands and foam board signage are needed by the displaying companies.

Banners Vegas
Banner Vegas

Banners Vegas Can Be Made Fast

Typically these banner signs are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with solvent inks. The solvent inks are environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. They bring out the bright and vivid colors of your design. They resist fading, which is important in the desert . So the Vegas sign banners are finished with hemming on the perimeter for added strength. So then grommets are place on all four sides at approx. 24 inches apart to make displaying easy.