Convention Backdrop Signs Vegas

Vegas Indoor Banners

Convention backdrop signs Vegas are very popular at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Companies and businesses that are displaying at these events like to have these large backdrop signs at the rear of their display booths. The Vegas backdrop signs are placed in the back. So that people walking by can see what you have printed on them. Smart sales people are convention backdrop printing with pictures and images of their merchandise on the signs. So this way as the people walk by. They can visually see what items you are promoting. Often, people at conventions are tired because they have been walking around all day. By making it easy on them to identify your products. So chances are you are going to get better results.

Convention Backdrop Signs Vegas
Trade Show Backdrop Signs Vegas

Convention Backdrop Signs Vegas Come in Many Versions

Convention backdrop banners and signs can be simple vinyl banners attached to a adjustable banner stand. Or they can be complete backdrop pop up displays. The backdrop banner signs can be 8×8 banners with a stand or a 8×10 banner with a banner stand. The vinyl banners will have pole pockets or grommets to hold the banner on the stand. A pole pocket is a 2 or 3″ pocket aat the top and bottom and the banner stand pole slides through the pocket to hold it up. So grommets can be on the backdrop banner as well. Then the banner uses zip ties to the banner stand to hold the banner tight on the stand.

Trade show pop up display signs can be 8ft curved tension display signs or 10ft curved tension display signs. These pop up signs are easy to set up and come with a travel bag. So you can walk right into a venue with the bag and set up these large backdrop signs.