Corrugated Signs

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Corrugated signs are plastic signs and also known as coroplast signs. These coroplast signs are associated with politicians. As the politicians use these outdoor signs exclusively when they are running for office. The corrugated signage has an outdoor life of about six months. So long enough to last a campaign season.

The corrugated signage is a full color sign. Meaning you can print as many colors or combination of colors on the plastic signs as you like. So this also includes printing of pictures and images on the Vegas signs. The politicians like to have their pictures printed on a coroplast sign to let everyone know what they look like. It is very important to them to let the voting public see their face. They also like to have the colors of red, white and blue on the sign to show patriotism. These signs are then displayed on fences and in vacant lots in hopes of getting people to notice them when they are passing by. They will also place these political signs in peoples front yards. So that the neighbors know who they are voting for and try to influence them into voting for them also.

Corrugated Signs
Corrugated Signage

Corrugated Signs Are Also Known As Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are those signs you see attached to telephone poles and fences along major streets. So these corrugated signs will advertise carpet cleaning or work from home type advertising. These bandit signs are cheap in price and easy to make. So when the city workers come by and take them down, they simply replace them with hew corrugated signs. Because they cost so little.

Your local Las Vegas sign printing company will be able to answer more of your questions. So give them a call today about these cheap Vegas signs and how they can help promote your event or business.