Dust Control Sign Vegas

Custom Dust Control Signs

Dust control sign Vegas is mandated by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. This govt. agency job is to limit the amount of dust form the desert getting into the air. The Southern Nevada desert has a loose topsoil. So that allows for dust to be put into the air on windy days. Or when the topsoil is disturbed, like at construction sites. The good Clark County dust people try to limit that dust going into the air that we all breathe. They make it mandatory for the responsible party at a construction site participate in a dust class. This dust class educates them as to how to limit the amount of dust that goes into the air. The County dust dept. also makes it mandatory to have a dust sign Vegas placed on the construction site premises.

The Vegas dust sign mandate requires that certain information be placed on the dust control sign. So this information includes the permittee. permit number and project name. It is also required to have the responsible party telephone number, acreage and expiration date of the permit. The Clark County dust number is also printed on the sign as well. So this allows people to report the dust violations if they are not resolved with the responsible party.

Dust Control Sign Vegas
Dust Control Signs Vegas

How Are Dust Control Sign Vegas Made ?

The dust control signs are printed on a vinyl sticker and then laminated. The lamination helps protect the sticker from scratches and scuffs. The vinyl sticker is then applied to a double sided aluminum panel called a dibond panel. So this prevents the sign from rusting in the outdoor weather. The dust sign is long lasting and can be updated rather than replaced if the expiration date passes. The sign company will simply make a sticker to go over the old information.