Dust Permit Sign

Custom Dust Control Signs

If you need a dust permit sign your local Vegas sign company can make it for you. The Dept. of Environment and Sustainability require dust permit signage on construction sites. Where the soil is going to be disturbed. It seems in the desert the top soil, which contains a lot of dust, goes into the air we all breathe in Clark County. The govt people are trying to educate the construction companies about this and make them take dust classes to understand this. Part of the requirements to obtain a dust control sign is to also put up a dust signage to let people know about the project.

The dust control signs must be the minimum of 4×4. The signs are generally on a double sided aluminum panel with a filler in the middle to give the sign rigidity. This Las Vegas sign will not rust in the weather conditions of Southern Nevada. The dust control sign Vegas has to have certain information on it. ISo information like permittee’s name, acreage, and permit number. They also need contact information ( in case some one wants to complain ), date of permit expiration and other pertinent info.

Dust Permit Sign
Dust Permit Signage

Your Dust Permit Sign Is Not Expensive

Your dust sign can be made quickly and cheap. The sign is made with an adhesive sticker that is laminated to help protect the print. Then it is applied to an aluminum panel. In some cases, some construction companies like to use wood panels. However, most construction companies like the aluminum panels because one person can install it. Because it is light weight. Also, if it gets run over on the job site, it can be picked up and straightened out and then displayed again. Where as a wood dust sign would break and splinter and a new one would have to be purchased.