Dust Sign For Construction

A dust sign is a requirement for new construction in Las Vegas where dirt is going to be moved around. Because we live in a desert. The wind often kicks up the topsoil into the air and causes difficulty in breathing. So the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability regulates the construction sites to try to prevent or minimize the dust going into the air. One of the regulations require Vegas dust signs on job sites. The dust signs have purpose and a 4ft x 4ft dust permit sign is required. The govt. also makes you take a Clark County dust information class to educate you.

Vegas dust sign printing requires that certain information be printed on the dust signs. This information includes name of project. permittee and permit number. So in addition the dust signs Vegas require acreage, expiration date of permit and contact information. The contact information includes a violation reporting telephone number to Clark County. It also includes a contact information for the responsible party at the job site. So they can handle any violation before it gets to the govt. level. And nobody want the Clark County officials on a job site.

Dust Sign
Dust Signs Vegas

Your Dust Sign Can Be Made Same Day

Same day dust signs or rush order dust signs Vegas are possible. The dust signs are made by printing the information on a big adhesive dust signs sticker. The sign sticker is then laminated for protection of the print. Then the dust signs sticker is attached to a dibond double sided aluminum panel. The aluminum panel is well liked by construction people becasue invariably a dust sign gets run over at a job site. The aluminum panel can be straightened out and displayed again. Whereas a wood dust sign breaks and splinters and new Vegas dust signage is required.