Dust Sign Vegas

Custom Dust Control Signs

Dust sign Vegas are mandatory according to the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The Clark County govt. does there best to make sure dust does not go into the air at construction sites. Because when the topsoil gets disturbed, the dust goes into the air that we all breathe. The desert is full of dust and that is why on windy days it is hard to breathe. The air turns brown and we breathe that dust in. The good people at Clark County try to minimize the dust going into the air. It is mandatory to have a responsible party at each construction site that has gone through the Clark County dust classes. At these classes they are educated on how to minimize the dust. The Clark County also mandates dust control signs on construction sites.

The dust control signs Vegas must have specific information printed on them. The dust control signs are required to be 4ft x 4ft and made with a substrate that can withstand the weather elements. The permittee, project name and contact information for the responsible party is printed on the sign. Also the acreage, expiration of the permit and permit number must be included. Certain text sizes are also required. The Clark County govt phone number is also on the sign. So this allows for a concerned person to address their complaints with the County. If they cannot be resolved with the responsible party.

Dust Sign Vegas
Dust Signs Vegas

How Do You Make A Dust Sign Vegas ?

The Las Vegas dust signs are printed on a 4ft x 4ft adhesive sticker and then laminated. The laminate helps protect the print against the weather conditions and minor scuffing. So then the adhesive dust sticker is applied to a aluminum panel. The aluminum panel is weather proof and will not rust. Then the sign is attached to a chain link fence or (2) wooden 4×4 posts.