Dust Signs Vegas

Custom Dust Control Signs

Dust signs Vegas will get you those dust permit signs needed for residential and commercial construction. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability regulate dust control in Las Vegas. These govt. people are responsible for making sure we all breather clean air. So accordingly, they help construction companies make sure that they do not put dust into the air on their construction sites. The construction people are required to participate in dust classes sponsored by the Clark County building dept. One of the regulations that must be followed is that there must be a dust control sign on site. This Vegas sign is 4×4 in size and has pertinent information regarding the construction on the sign. The dust permit sign Vegas must be posted near the entrance of the property for the public to see.

So certain information needs to be on the dust sign. This information includes the permittee’s name, construction companies name, and the dust permit number. So it also needs contact information of the responsible party, expiration date of the dust permit and the acreage involved in the project. All this information has to be in a format approved by the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability.So the text needs to be a certain size, etc.

Dust Signs Vegas
Dust Sign Vegas

There Are More Signs Needed Other Than Dust Signs Vegas

The construction people also use no trespassing signs at their job sites. So this is a way to warn people not to come on to their property. It helps prevent liability for somebody getting hurt. These no trespass signs are cheap in price and well worth the small investment. Your dust control permit signs and no trespass signs can be made fast and cheap. Same day dust signs are a possibility as well. Contact your local sign shop for all your construction sign needs.