Foam Board Printing Vegas

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Foam board printing Vegas is big business during the busy trade show season in Southern Nevada. Foam board signs are a very well liked sign used at the trade shows and events. These foam core board signs are custom made. So this means you can have them in any size along with a choice of thickness of board. The foam sign printing allows for full color prints. Meaning you can print as many colors on your foam board sign as you like. So this includes pictures, logos and images. Many photographers print their pictures on these foam boards for display purposes.

The foam board come in many sizes. The most popular sizes are the 18×24 foam core board sign, 24×36 foam core board sign and the 36×48 foam board signs. The signs can be laminated in matte lamination or gloss lamination. The gloss lamination allows for a glossy finish. The matte lamination dulls out the print a little but does not reflect light or camera flashes.

Foam Board Printing Vegas
Foamboard Sign Printing Vegas

Foamboard Sign Printing Vegas Is Cheap in Price

The sign shops that print foam board signs cheap are near the event venues. The reason being is these sign shops have modern sign printing machines that can print signs in high quality. So these large printers also print foam board signs fast. The newer generation of large format printers are faster and higher quality than ever before. These state of the art printers are expensive and are used at high volume sign shops. Since the sign shops service the conventions and trade shows, they need to be. The foam board signs can be made same day. Rush foam board signs are available at many of these sign hsops near the convention venues.

So call one of these signs shops near the event venues for cheap foam board signs and other types of signs.