Foam Core Signs

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Foam core signs are popular at the events and shows taking place in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of these events every year that attract thousands of vendors and companies. They display the new products and services available worldwide. So this attracts millions of people from all over the world to attend these events. These events and shows drive the Las Vegas economy. In fact, Las Vegas built three very large convention venues to handle all this convention business. So the Las Vegas Convention Center is the biggest at over three million square feet of space. So the two other facilities, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and Venetian Convention Center have over one million square feet of space. Many Vegas signs and Vegas banners are needed for these events. The foam board signs are one of the more popular signs at these events.

The foam board signs or poster board signs are considered temporary signage. They are made with 3/16ths foam board and are full color. Meaning you can do your Las Vegas foam board printing in as many colors as you like. This includes printing of pictures and images on the foam core board signs. The foam board signs also come in 1/2″ thick foam board. The thicker foam board signs can be stand alone signs. They make these foam board signs the size of 3×6 and put a sign stand on the bottom so they stand up straight. The Las Vegas casinos especially like thee stand up foam board signs because they put them on the casino floor. If knocked over, they do not hurt anybody.

Foam Core Signs
Foam Core Board Signage

Foam Core Signs Can Be Made Fast

Same day poster board signs or foam board signs can be made the same day. Large format printers can do foamcore sign printing fast and cheap. So cpontact your local Las Vegas sign company if you should need foam board printing.