Large Vegas Banners

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Large Vegas banners are used at the conventions and trade shows. The vendors and companies that show off their product lines at the event venues use these Vegas banners. The banners are used at backdrops in many cases. Backdrop banners are placed at the rear of display booths. So they get the attention of people walking by. As the people pass by, they look at your display booth and see your big banner. So on this vinyl banner the companies will place pictures of their products on the backdrop banner and a brief description of the products.

Big Vegas banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with solvent inks. These inks are designed to bring out the bright and bold colors of your design. The Vegas banner are full color banner signs. Meaning you can have as many colors printed on your Vegas banner as you like. So this includes the banner printing of pictures and images on the signs. The banners Vegas are then finished by hemming the perimeter of the vinyl banner. So then grommets are placed every two feet on ll four sides. This allows for easy displaying of the banner.

Large Vegas Banners
Vegas Vinyl Banners

Large Vegas Banners Are Used By Local Businesses

Banner printing is also used to make banner signs for local businesses. The local stores will place the banner signs on their buildings. So they can be seen by the thousands of people who pass by their location every month. Smart stores located near the freeways are also using big banner signs. They place these large 10ft tall x 30 foot wide banners on their buildings. SO they can be seen by the thousands of cars driving on the freeways every day. Contact your local Vegas banner company for more information on these cost effective signs.