Las Vegas Convention Banners

Las Vegas convention banners are a inexpensive sign to get your marketing message across. These vinyl banners are easy to make and low cost. The convention banner signs can be hung by yourself in order to save money on installation. Union labor at Las Vegas convention venues is very expensive and time consuming. Many companies and vendors prefer to set up their own display booth. So these Las Vegas banners can be made to any size to accommodate your marketing needs. You can have simple 1ft x 3ft banners made all the way up to 10ft tall x 150 ft wide banners.

However, the most common size banners for conventions are the 8ft x 8ft banners and the 8×10 banners. These banner sizes fit at the back of display booths. Large adjustable banner stand frames can be purchased that will hold up the banners. Otherwise, you can zip tie them to the poles in the back of the display booth.

Las Vegas Convention Banners
Las Vegas Banners

How Are Las Vegas Convention Banners Made ?

Tradeshow banners are printed on large format printers. The modern printers print faster than ever before with higher quality. The inks used are environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. The banners can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. These modern printing marvels can print several hundred square feet of banners an hour. The speed of Las Vegas banner printing has allowed for lower prices. Because more banners and signs can be printed in a shorter amount of time. The banner signs can come with grommets or pole pockets to match your needs.

Your local Las Vegas sign company will have more information on the banner printing. These sign companies are generally located near the convention venues for fast pick up or delivery of your signs. Give them a call today if you should need some convention banners or trade show banners.