Las Vegas Coroplast Sign Printing

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Las Vegas coroplast sign printing is available in the Las Vegas area. Coroplast signs are usually associated with politics because the politicians use these signs for advertising outside. The coroplast signs will last about 6 months or so in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas. If you drive around around Las Vegas during election season, you will see these signs plastered everywhere. The politicians like them because they are inexpensive and are full color signs. So full color means they can have their picture printed on the coroplast signs and have any color text the like printed on the Las Vegas signs.

Las Vegas stores and businesses like these coroplast signs. The signs are very popular because they can withstand rain or heat. The coroplast signage also is what they use on sidewalk signs. Those portable signs that businesses use are designed for coroplast signage. The businesses will make several different version of the sidewalk signs and then just change out the signs when they want a new marketing message. Many times the stores will simply rotate their sidewalk sign coroplast signs.

Las Vegas Coroplast Sign Printing
Las Vegas Sign Printing

Las Vegas Coroplast Sign Printing Is Cheap in Price

Vegas sign printing is cheap. So this is because of the large format printers that sign makers are using. The printers are faster than ever before and print with environmentally friendly inks. The inks are long lasting and bring out the bold colors of your design. The coroplast signage comes in 4mm or 100 mm thickness. The 10 mm thickness is about 1/2″ thick and the 4mm is about 3/16ths thick.

Your local sign company Las Vegas will have more information on these cheap coroplast signs. Give them a call today for further information. These Las Vegas signs are also good for the trade shows and conventions.