Las Vegas Coroplast Signs

Las Vegas coroplast signs are considered temporary signage. Theses Las Vegas signs will last up to 6 months or longer in the outdoor weather of Southern Nevada. Politicians love these signs. So you will see them displayed all throughout the political season. The politicians like to put their picture on the signs along with the office they are running for. So then they display the signs on the sides of the roads for everybody to see. They are hoping for name recognition and hoping you vote for them. These Las Vegas signs are also called bandit signs. Where carpet cleaners and psychics will put them on telephone poles.

Coroplast signs are not expensive. They are considered cheap signs. Because of their low cost. The coroplast plastic signs can be made in custom sizes to match your advertising needs. In fact many real estate agents will place a coroplast sign on a property for sale. So then when the property sells they simply throw the sign away. The coroplast signs are generally made with 4mm thick coroplast. However, 1/2″ thick coroplast signs are also available if you want a thicker more rigid sign.

Las Vegas Coroplast Signs
Las Vegas Signs

Las Vegas Coroplast Signs Are good For Events

Many coroplast signs are needed for the many events at the convention venues. The conventions and trade shows need temporary signage for directional purposes and display purposes. The vendors and companies displaying at these shows need fast cheap signs.

Coroplast signs are full color signs. So that means you can have as many colors printed on the coroplast signs as you like. The coroplast signs can be custom made to any size to meet your marketing needs. The Las Vegas signs can be made very quickly. Same day sign printing is available in many cases for these easy and cheap signs. So your local Las Vegas sign printer can assist you in turnaround times and pricing.