Las Vegas Retractable Banners

Business Banner Printing

Las Vegas retractable banners are portable signs that companies like to use at the trade shows and conventions. So these portable tradeshow banner stands can be placed anywhere. They are self standing and easy to set up. So set up time is approx. 2 minutes or less. The whole retractable banner stand comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.

These retractable pull up banner stands come in many different sizes to meet your needs. The most common and popular model is the 33″ x 78″ banners stand with almost 17 square feet of printable space. The banner graphic can be full color and have images printed on it. So full color means that you can have multiple colors printed on the sign graphic. These economical banner stands sell for about $125.00. The deluxe model of the banner stand sign is the 33×80 deluxe banner stand. So this model has about 18 square feet of printable space. That is a lot of room to put pictures and text. The text does not have to be large because banner stands are usually looked at up close. So other sizes ranging from about 2ft wide to round 5 feet wide are also available at very good pricing.

Las Vegas sign shops make many banner stand signs because of the conventions and trade shows. They are a popular graphic. So the signs can be used over and over again at different events.

Las Vegas Retractable Banners
Las Vegas Retractable Banner Stands

Las Vegas Retractable Banners Can Be Same Day Signs

Many times companies and vendors come into Las Vegas and forget their signs and banners back home. In other cases the shipping companies do not deliver on time or deliver damaged signs. In all these cases the signs and banners need to be remade fast. There are Las Vegas sign stores that are capable of making these signs the same day.