Las Vegas Retractable Signs

Roll Up Banner Stand Displays Vegas

Las Vegas retractable signs are being display at the many conventions and exhibitions in Vegas. The vendors and companies displaying at these events really like the retractable banner stands. The pull up banners are easy to set up and take down. Best of all, you can walk into a convention venue with them and set them up yourself. You do not need to hire expensive union labor and stress over all the paperwork to set up your signs. The pull up banner stands are easy to set up and only take less than two minutes.

The vendors and businesses showing off their products at these events like the portability of the banner stands. The stand alone banner signs can be placed anywhere. Because they are self standing and require no outside support. They can easily be moved around your display booth. The Vegas retractable banner stands come in many sizes. So as to meet your marketing and advertising needs. These sizes range from around two feet wide to around five feet wide. The heights vary from around 60″ tall to around 92″ tall. All the banner stands come with a telescopic height adjustment pole. So this allows you to set the height of your banner stand for that perfect fit.

Las Vegas Retractable Signs
Vegas Retractable Banner Signs

Las Vegas Retractable Signs Are Not Expensive

The economical 33×78 banner stand costs around $125.00. The deluxe version of the economy stand, the deluxe 33×80 retractable banner stand costs around $165.00. This stand up banner stand has a wide chrome base that looks very impressive. The 45″ x 78 roll up banner stand sells for around $139.00. All these banner stands take a day or so to print and get ready for delivery. But same day banner stand signs are available at many sign shops. Give them a call today if you should need a quick turnaround on a banner stand.