Las Vegas Table Cover Signs

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Las Vegas table cover signs are great for covering up scratched and ugly tables at a Vegas event or show. These table cloth signs come in the standard 6ft or 8ft size depending upon your table size. It seems most of the time when a event venue supplies a table for a vendor its scratched and dented. So by placing a table cloth sign over the ugly table, it looks new. So it also allows you to let everybody know who you are. As many of the vendors and companies displaying at these events will print their company name and logo on them. So from no matter what angle you approach, the tablecloth sign easily shows your name.

The Vegas table cover signage is full color. So this means you can have any color or colors printed on your table cloth sign. So this also means pictures and images can be printed on your table sign as well.

The tablecover signs also come in the three or four sided versions. The three sided table cloth sign slips right over the table and stays in place. This allows you to sit behind the table and place your feet underneath the table. The four sided table cloth sign allows for brochures and other marketing items to be placed on the table. But it does not allow you to sit behind the table as there is no place to place your feet except for sideways.

Las Vegas Table Cover Signs
Las Vegas Table Cover Sign

The table cloth signs Vegas are just one of the popular signs at an event. Many of the venors will also choose a retractable banner stand sign or some foam board signs as well. The banner stands are portable, which allows them to be placed anywhere. They are self standing signs. The foam board signs are cheap in price and light weight. They can be used for an event and then simply tossed away afterwards.