Las Vegas Tradeshow Banners

Las Vegas tradeshow banners are in big demand during the busy Las Vegas convention season. This season generally runs from around November through April. But with Covid 19 and all the restrictions. The convention season is extended this year. As everybody wants to have their events held in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas banners can be printed to any size to meet your marketing needs. The sign banners can be as small as 1ft x 1ft and as large as 10ft tall x 100ft long. So the big companies at the conventions like the large 10ft banners. So this way they can display the banners from the rafters of the convention facilities. Everybody walking into the facility cannot help but look at these very large banners. So these large banners get your company noticed.

Las Vegas convention backdrop displays are also very popular at trade shows and conventions. These backdrop signs come in kits. There is a frame and then a fabric full color banner is printed and placed over the frame. The frame allows for tension on the banner and makes it wrinkle free. The backdrop display signs look very professional and can be used multiple times. The banner itself can be machined wash for a fresh and new look every time it is used. So in addition, the fabric banner can be replaced seperatly instead of having to purchase a new kit. So this saves money.

Las Vegas Tradeshow Banners
Las Vegas Banners

Las Vegas Tradeshow Banners Also Includes Banner Stands

Banner stands are a very popular sign graphic at conventions. These portable sign displays are popular becasue they can be placed anywhere. They are self standing. The banner stands also come in many different sizes to meet your budget needs. Retractable banner stands can be made the same day. Contact your local Las Vegas sign shop for additional information.