Tablecloth Cover Signs Vegas

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Tablecloth cover signs Vegas are in demand during the busy event season in Las Vegas. Every year between January and May there are hundreds of events and shows that require lots of signage. These vents attract thousands of businesses who show off their products and services. Throw in thousands of vendors selling things and you have large events. These large events take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center or Venetian Convention Center. All these facilities are first class with the smallest of the venues having over 1 million square feet of show space. Also the Las Vegas casinos all have meeting rooms capable of holding events. These events and shows drive the Las Vegas economy by filling up hotel rooms and restaurants.

The custom table cloth signs are printed on a polyester material that is wrinkle free. The table cover signs can be printed in any color you like or combination of colors. So this includes printing images and pictures on the table cloths. The table cloths signage comes in the 6ft and 8ft sizes. They can be purchased in a 3 sided table cloth or a 4 sided table cloth. The tablecloth signs are machine washable. So after every event you an simply throw them in the wash machine so they look fresh and new for the next event. The set up is very easy. Simply throw over your table and adjust it like a regular tablecloth.

Tablecloth Cover Signs Vegas
Tablecloth Signs Vegas

Tablecloth Cover Signs Vegas Are Not Expensive.

A 6ft table cloth sign or 8ft table cloth sign cost in a 3 sided type costs about $150.00. The four sided table cloth cover signage costs around $165.00. They also make a four siided stretch table cloth designed to have literature and smaller signs placed on top of it.

Your local table cloth sign company in Vegas will have more information. So give them a call today about these great signs that cover scratched or dented tables.