Trade Show Foam Board Signs

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Trade show foam board signs are needed for the many trade shows held in Southern Nevada. These foam poster board signs are used a lot at these events. The companies and vendors like the cheap prices of these signs and the professional way they look. So the Las Vegas signs make great directional signage for events. The foam signs are considered temporary signage that can be used indoors. So if used in outdoor weather, the foam will warp on the sign. The foam core board signs are full color signs. So meaning you can print images and pictures on the Vegas signs in any color or combination of colors.

The trade show foam core signs come in many sizes to meet your marketing needs. While usually the signs are on the smaller side for displaying on easels or hanging from above. The foam poster signs can be quite large and made into stand up signs. A 36×72 foam board sign can be a stand up sign. They simply use a 1/2″ thick foam board and some spider legs to hold the sign straight up. The Las Vegas casinos use the foam boards a lot for directional signage in their casinos. The signs are light so if they get knocked over nobody will get hurt.

Trade Show Foam Board Signs
Tradeshow Foam Board Signs

Trade Show Foam Board Signs Can Be Made Fast

Rush foam board signs are possible at local Las Vegas sign stores. There are many sign shops near the event venues that have modern printers that can print fast at high quality. So making the Las Vegas signs same day is not impossible. So all you have to do is contact the local signs hosp near the event venues for more information. They will be happy to assist you in getting your trade show signs and convention signs.