Vegas Dust Control Signs

Clark County Dust Control Signs

Vegas dust control signs are mandated by the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. These good people have the difficult job of trying to make sure that dust does not go into the air. That we all breathe. So they have made some positive rules and regulations regarding air quality for the construction companies to abide by. They designate a responsible party at a construction site to be in charge. They must keep tedious records and obey certain other rules. On of the rules is that a dust control sign must be in place at job sites.

The Clark County dust control sign must have certain information on it. The text needs to be in certain sizes along with a special format that Clark County requires. The permittee’s name, project name and acreage need to be on the sign. Also the dust permit expiration date, contact information and permit number. The county has the responsible party put their phone number on the sign in case of any violations. The people can call the responsible party directly rather than call the Clark County dust people. it is better to have them call the responsible party instead of getting the govt. people involved.

Vegas Dust Control Signs
Vegas Dust Control Permit Sign

Vegas Dust Control Signs Can Be Made Fast

Same day dust signs or rush dust signs are available at Las Vegas sign shops. The dust signs are printed on a adhesive vinyl and then laminated to help protect the sign against minor scuffing. The dust print is then applied to a dibond panel ( double sided aluminum panel ). The aluminum panel is the preferred substrate . Because so often at a job site the sign gets run over by large construction equipment. So with the aluminum dust sign, you can simply pick it up and straighten it out. So then just rehang the sign.