Vegas Dust Sign Printing

Custom Dust Control Signs

Vegas dust sign printing can get you those Vegas dust control signs made for your construction project. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability regulates the dust in Las Vegas. Those regulations include dust signs on a construction site. Clark County takes environmental conditions very seriously. The reason being is that the desert has a loose top soil. That will go into the air when it is moved around or it is windy. This is the air we all breathe in Las Vegas and they try to minimize the dust going into the air. it is a noble cause. The govt. even makes people take a Clark County dust class to educate them about raising dust into the air.

The dust signs that are mandated at construction sites must meet the requirements set forth by Clark County. The Vegas dust sign needs to be 4ft x 4ft and the text and information on the sign needs to be certain heights. Information like the permittee name, dust permit sign number, and expiration date of permit. Also the contact information for Clark County and the responsible party along with other information. The text has to be a certain size as well.

The dust signs Vegas are printed on an adhesive vinyl material that is laminated afterwards. So then the adhesive vinyl sticker is applied to a double sided aluminum panel. The construction people like the aluminum signs because they are tough but lightweight. So it allows for just one person to install the sign. If the dust control sign is run over on the construction site. ( It happens all the time ) The Las Vegas dust sign can be straightened out and reinstalled.

Vegas Dust Sign Printing
Vegas Dust Signs

Vegas Dust Sign Printing Can Also Get You Other Signs

Many of the construction companies will also order no trespass signs. The no trespassing signs can help alleviate liability from wandering on to you property and getting hurt.

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