Vegas Table Cloth Signs

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Vegas table cloth signs are custom table covers. That are designed to cover those scratched and damaged tables found at events and shows. These custom table cloth signs are perfect for turning an ugly table into a sign for your display booth. The table cloth signs Vegas come in the standard sizes to fit the 6 foot display tables and the 8 foot display tables.

The tablecloth signs are full color signs. So this means you can print as many colors on the table covers as you want. This also includes pictures and logos. Many of the vendors at the shows like to place their company name and logo on the front of the table cloth sign. Also on the left and right side. So this allows everybody approaching your display booth to easily identify who you are.

The Vegas table cover signs come in three sided and four sided versions. The four sided version allows for brochures and other marketing material to be displayed on top of the table. You cannot sit behind the table because there is no room to place to your feet. The three sided tablecloth sign allows for your feet to fit underneath the table when you are sitting behind it. The custom tablecloths are printed on a polyester material that allows for a wrinkle free appearance. So an additional benefit is the fact that these table cloths can be machined washed after every event. So they always look fresh and new for the next event.

Vegas Table Cloth Signs
Vegas Tablecloth Signs

Vegas Table Cloth Signs Are Not Expensive

The table cover signs are not expensive and considered a long lasting sign. They can be used again and again at many different events. The turnaround time for these signs is about 3-4 days as it takes a special printer to print on fabric. So contact your local Vegas sign shop today and order yours.