Foam Board Printing Las Vegas

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Foam board printing Las Vegas is in big demand during the event and show season in Las Vegas Nevada. Every year there are hundreds of events and shows held in Southern Nevada. Some of the biggest conventions in the world are held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This convention venue has over three million feet of convention space. So this facility is so large that it can actually hold several conventions at the same time under one roof. The convention center uses and needs lots of Vegas signs, foam board signs and sintra signs. So in addition, retractable pull up banner stands are also in big demand. These retractable banner stands are very popular because they are stand alone signs. Meaning they are self standing and can be placed anywhere.

The foam core board signs are also very popular at the event venues. These foam board signs are easy to make and are cheap in price. The 3/16 ths thick foam substrate is the popular choice. As these Las Vegas foam board signs are considered temporary signage. They are meant for indoor use and not outdoor weather. As the outdoor weather will warp the foam substrate. The foamboard signs also come with a laminate that helps protect the print. The laminate can have a glossy or matte finish. The Vegas foamboard signs also come in full color. Meaning you can print a variety of colors on them. So pictures and images can also be printed on the signs as well.

Foam Board Printing Las Vegas
Foamboard Printing Las Vegas

Foam Board Printing Las Vegas Can Be Done Same Day.

Same day signs are a possibility in Vegas. Las Vegas has many modern sign stores capable or printing signs fast and cheap. The sign shops have the new modern sing printers that are capable of faster printing. ( The fast printing is also done at higher quality .)