Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Double sided foam board signs are in big demand during the busy event and show season in Las Vegas. Each year there are hundreds of Vegas shows and conventions held in Southern Nevada. At these shows, thousands of companies from around the world display the newest technology and products. So millions of people from around the world attend these events. They learn about the new technology and products and take that information back home with them. These attendees want to be the first in their area to have the new products. So many trade show signs like foam board signs, banner stands and sintra signs are needed for these events.

Double Sided Foam Board Signs
Vegas Foam Board Signs

What Are Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Double sided foam core signs are foam board with a paper outer shell that allows for printing. Usually the foam board signs are printed on one side and displayed on a easel or table top. But often the foam board signs need to be double sided. These signs could be used for display in a standing sign that allows viewing from both sides. If this is the case, Las Vegas foam board sign companies are available to print your foam board signs. The event foam board signage could also be hung from a ceiling. So two sided foam board signage would maximize efficiency. The sign prints do not have to be the same.

On one side you could print products and on the other side you could print different products. This would maximize the efficiency of the Vegas sign. In some cases at conventions, the sign will be printed in English on one side. On the other side, a different language would be printed. So if your clientele is from China, you could print in Chinese language. So as to help everybody understand what you are promoting. The double sided foam core board signage come in different thicknesses. The 3/16th thick foam board is that standard of the industry. But 1/2″ thick foam board signs and 1″ foam board signs can also be made. The thicker foam board substrates are usually for stand up signs. They will place spider feet at the bottom of the foam board sign to have it stand straight up.

The Key To Successful Foam Board Signage

Using quality pictures and images on your foam board sign is important. These foam board will be looked at up close. So to you want make sure the quality of the foam board sign reflects upon your company. Using clear and concise text is also important. A easily readable font is paramount in making sure everybody can easily read your foam board signs. Utilizing colors that represent your company and products for branding purposes is a must. As people will identify your company brand colors more easily. Promoting your company and product lines.

Las Vegas sign companies are ready to take your orders. The foam board are made locally in Las Vegas and you can save a lot of money on expensive shipping costs. So often the fragile foam boards are damaged or lost during the shipping process. The foam signs can be ready in Vegas when you arrive.