Vegas Foam Board Sign

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Vegas foam board sign is very popular during the busy event and show season in Las Vegas. This event season basically runs between December and April. Thousands of vendors and companies descend upon Vegas annually to display their products and services. So this in return attract millions of people from all over the world. These events and shows drive the Southern Nevada economy. Many Las Vegas signs and Vegas banners are needed for these events.

Las Vegas has three very large convention venues to hold these events. The largest is the LAs Vegas Convention Center at over three million square feet of space. This facility is so large that they can actually hold multiple events under one roof at the same time. The other event venues have over one million square feet of space for shows. Also the casinos and hotels on the Las Vegas strip have meeting rooms and banquet rooms to hold smaller events. All these event venues are constantly being updated to give you the best possible show experience. So many sign shops have set up around these event venues to supply the pvc signs, foam board signs and retractable banner stands.

Vegas Foam Board Sign
Vegas Foam Core Board Signs

How Are Vegas Foam Board Sign Made ?

Vegas foam core signs are usually made with 3/16th foam board. The foam board substrate has a paper outer coating that allows for print. The foam board signage can be printed in full color. So you can have many colors on the sign along with printing of pictures. The foam core signs are very popular at the event venues. They are designed to last a short period of time but look very professional. The vendors and companies presenting at these event like to have their Vegas foam boards made in Vegas. Because they usually get damaged during the shipping process.