Custom Poster Board Signs Vegas

Custom poster board signs Vegas are great for the trade shows and conventions. These temporary signs are very professional looking and are used extensively at the trade shows. The vendors and companies showing their product lines at these events like these light weight foam board signs. The foam board can be [placed on easels or mounted to the walls of your trade show booth. They are very light in weight and can also be hung from the top of your event booth as well.

There are hundreds of events held in Vegas every year. So thousands of these foam core board signs are needed at these events. The poster board signs are full color. Meaning you can print as many colors on your poster board signs as you like. This also includes foam board printing of logos, pictures and images on your signs.The poster signs are then laminated in a matte or gloss laminate depending upon your preference. The matte laminate does not reflect lighting or camera flashes. The gloss laminate reflects lighting but really brings to life your color print.

Custom Poster Board Signs Vegas
Poster Board foam Sign Vegas

Custom Poster Board Signs Vegas Come In Many Sizes

The Vegas foam board signs come in many sizes to match your marketing requirements. The common size foam board signs are 18×24 foam board sign, 20×30 foam board sign and 36×48 foam board sign. Larger 48×96 foam board signs can also be made. Anything bigger than 48×96 would have to be a multiple piece sign. They make larger signs by joining two foam board signs together . So as to make it look like they are just one large foam core board sign.

These poster foam core signs are available at local Las Vegas foam board printing companies in Las Vegas. So just give them a call today and get your foam board signs printed for your next event.