Poster Foam Board Signage

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Poster foam board signage is being used at the events and shows in Las Vegas. The foam board signs are considered temporary signs and look very professional. So vendors and companies presenting at the event venues like the inexpensive poster board signs. The will use local sign companies to print them. As they cost a lot of money to ship. So often the shipping companies will damage these fragile signs during the shipping process. So the people displaying at the venues like to have the poster signs made locally.

The foam core board signs are usually printed on a 3/16ths foam board. This foam board has a outer paper covering that allows it to be printed on. The foam board signs are full color signs. So this means full color printing is available for the signs. So this includes pictures and images. After foam board printing has finished, the foam boards are laminated to help protect the print. The laminate can be matte laminate or gloss laminate. The gloss laminate allows for a shiny appearance and the matte laminate dulls out the print a little. But the advantage is that the matte lamination does not reflect light or camera flash. Which is a plus in certain circumstances.

Poster Foam Board Signage
Poster Foamboard Signs

Poster Foam Board Signage Can Be Made Quickly

Foam board signs usually take a day or two to make. However same day foam board signs are available in many cases. Las Vegas hosts hundreds of events a year and many times signs are lost or damaged. So if this is the case, Las Vegas sign shops try their best to accommodate a visitor presenting at the trade shows and conventions. Rush signs and rush foam board signs are available in many cases. So just contact your local Vegas sign company near the convention venues for more information.