Foam Board Sign Printer

Foam board sign printer can print those foam core signs you need for your event or conference. The foam board signs are popular with the business crowd at conferences and presentations. The presenter at these conferences will place these signs on easels and use them as props. The foam board signs are cheap in price and made for temporary usage. After an event, many times they will just simply throw the poster board signs in the trash.

Foam board printing is also popular for the hundreds of tradeshows and conventions held in Southern Nevada. These events attract thousands of businesses from all over the world. Millions of people attend these events in Vegas. These shows and events drive the Las Vegas economy. The vendors that come to Las Vegas for these events will usually have their foam core signs made by a local Vegas foam board sign shop. Because these foam board signs are fragile and often do not make it through the shipping process without getting damaged. So vendors prefer prefer to save money on shipping and have the signs made locally.

Foam Board Sign Printer
Foam Board Sign Printing

How Does A Foam Board Sign Printer Make Foam Core Signs ?

The foam board substrate is usually 3/16ths thick. The foam board has a inner core made of foam with a paper material on the outside for accepting printing. Foam board signs are full color signage. Meaning you can have as many colors printed on the foam signs as you like. This includes pictures and images. The foam boards after printing have a laminate applied to them to help protect the print against scratches and minor damage. The foam board signage can also be made in 1/2″ thick material. This allows for a standing foam board sign. Legs are simply attached at the base of the sign so it stands up straight.