Foam Core Board Signs

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Foam core board signs are being used by local retail businesses for point of purchase sale advertising. These cheap Vegas foam board signs are great for impulse purchase advertising. The Vegas signs can be placed on top of the cash register counter or hung from ceilings. The foam board signs Vegas are light weight and easy to install. They are cheap in price and are considered temporary type signs. Meaning that they are not designed to last a long time outdoors. As the heat and moisture will warp the foam. If placed inside under a controlled temperature environment, they are considered a medium life sign.

Las Vegas foam board signs are printed on a 3/16th thick foam board. The substrate is foam with a paper outside coating that allows it to be printed on. The foam board signage is printed in full color. Meaning you can print multiple colors on the sign as you like. So this also includes pictures, logos and images. After the foam board sign printing, a lamination is added to the sign to protect the print.

Foam Core Board Signs
Foam Board Signs

Many trade show signs are needed for the events in Las Vegas. So signs like poster board signs, sintra signs, pvc signs and others are used a lot at these events. The sign companies in Las Vegas like Signs of Las Vegas make many of these types of signs. So the reason being is that many of the attendees displaying at the shows do not like to ship their signs into Las Vegas. So many times banners and signs get lost during the shipping process. Or the signs Vegas get damaged during the shipping. In any event, the signs then have to be reprinted in Vegas. So it only makes sense to get them printed in Vegas to avoid unpleasantness.

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