Foam Poster Board Signs Vegas

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Foam poster board signs Vegas work great for the events and shows in Las Vegas. The vendors and companies displaying at the tradeshows and conventions like these light weight foam signs. The foam board signs are very professional looking and inexpensive. Since foam board signs are considered temporary signage. These poster signs work great for the amount of time at the event.

So many companies and vendors prefer to have their foam board poster sign printing done in Las Vegas. This is becasue the foam boards are delicate and sometimes do not do well through the shipping process. many times the foam boards will show up damaged or not at all. This leaves the companies in a panic and scrambling for Vegas rush order signs and same day foam board printing. Fortunately, there are many sign shops conveniently located near the convention venues and Las Vegas Blvd. So this allows for fast delivery or pick up of your tradeshow signs. As time is of the essence when you need your signs and banners quickly for your event.

Foam Poster Board Signs Vegas
Foam Poster Signs Vegas

How Are Foam Poster Board Signs Vegas Made ?

Las Vegas foam board posters are usually made with 3/16ths thick foam board. Although 1/2 inch thick foam board material can be substituted in. The foam boards are printed in full color. So this means you can use as many colors as you like in the printing process. Images and pictures can also be printed on the foam board signs as well. The poster board signs are then laminated with a glossy laminate or a matte laminate to protect the print from scratches and scuffs.

So contact your local Las Vegas sign company for more information on Las Vegas tradeshow signs and tradeshow banners. They are more than willing to assist you in getting your signs made fast and inexpensively.