Las Vegas 6ft Tablecloth Signs

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Las Vegas 6ft tablecloth signs are great for covering those old scratched and beat up tables at conventions and trade shows. So why have a trade show booth with an old beat up table in front ? So for about $150 you can have a new custom table cover sign printed any way you like. These table cover signs are simple to set up. Simply throw the table cloth sign over the table and adjust it just like you would at a picnic table.

The 6ft table cover signs are full color signs. So this means you can have as many colors printed on the tablecloth signs as you like. Table cloth sign printing also allows for pictures, logos and images to be printed on the Las Vegas signs as well. The 6ft table cover signs comes in a three sided version and a 4 sided version. The 6ft tablecloth sign three sided version allows for you to sit behind the table and place your feet underneath. The 4 sided 6ft table cover covers all four sides equally but does not allow you to place your feet underneath. The four sided table cloth sign is great for placing literature and signs on top of for display.

Las Vegas 6ft Tablecloth Signs
Las Vegas Tablecloth Signs

Las Vegas 6ft Tablecloth Signs Come in other Sizes

The Las Vegas table cover signs also come in the 8ft size. The 8ft table cloth signs are available for the larger 8ft tradeshow tables. The 8ft table cloth cover signs ae the same price as the 6ft tablecover models. So these Vegas signs are machine washable. So after an event. Simply wash the table cloths in a wash machine so they look fresh and new for the next event.

Contact your local Vegas sign company for more information on the tradeshow signs. They are cheap and have a very professional look.