Las Vegas 8ft Trade Show Signs

Vegas Indoor Banners

Las Vegas 8ft trade show signs are sought after for the trade shows and conventions. Smart companies and vendors are placing these 8ft trade show backdrop signs at the rear of their display booths. So they can be seen by the people walking by. Pictures and images of the products are being printed on these signs. As a way to identify what products you are offering. After a long day of being on your feet and walking these conventions. It is best to make it easy for people to recognize your products.

These pop up 8ft display signs are easy to set up. They come in many varieties. For example, you can just have a 8ft x 8ft banner printed and attach it to an adjustable banner stand. So these large banner stands are adjustable from about 8ft tall to around 10 feet wide max. Of course you can shrink the banner stand size to hold smaller banners.

The vinyl banners are cheap at around $3.00 a square foot and can be finished with pole pockets at the top and bottom. Or they can be finished with a hem ( for perimeter strength ) and grommets. Then you simply use tie straps through the grommets to hold the banners on the banner stand. So after the one show, you can simply keep the banner or replace it in the next town for a different convention. The adjustable banner stand can be used over and over again.

Las Vegas 8ft Trade Show Signs
Las Vegas Tradeshow Signs

Las Vegas 8ft Trade Show Signs Come in Complete Ready To Set up Kits

The trade show display booth signs can also be purchased in kits. There is the 8ft straight backdrop display and the 10ft straight backdrop display sign. The trade show pop up display signs can also be curved as well. These sign backdrop kits come with a fabric banner that is wrinkle free. It takes about 10 minutes to set up one of these displays.