Las Vegas Dust Control Permit Signs

Dust Signs Las Vegas

Las Vegas dust control permit signs are required by the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. Clark County dust class information can be found by clicking the link. So basically the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability require a 4ft x 4ft dust permit sign for construction projects. This dust permit sign is required to have certain language on the sign and specific contact information. Clark County takes dust very serious and will shut down a construction site or issue tickets to promote clean air. So after all we all have to breathe the air. These people do a wonderful job in protecting the environment.

Las Vegas Dust Control Permit Sign

How Are Las Vegas Dust Control Permit Signs Made ?

Clark County dust permit signs are printed on a vinyl sticker and then laminated. So the lamination help protects the print from weather conditions and scuffing. The vinyl application with laminate then is applied to a double sided aluminum panel. So this aluminum panel hold up very well in the desert setting. It will not rust and it is easy to install. The dust control sign is attached to a fence or installed with (2) 4×4 wood posts. The posts need to be sunk deep in the ground because of the high winds that Las Vegas gets.

Clark County dust control permit signs can be made fairly quickly. Same day Clark County dust permit can be made in cases of emergencies. So sometimes things happen and the inspectors require a sign or a new sign to be installed. If this is the case, there are Las Vegas sign shops that have the capability to make same day dust signs. Give the sign shop a call today if you should need a dust control permit sign. Normal turnaround time is usually one or two days.