Las Vegas Tradeshow Backdrop Signs

Backdrop Display Signs Vegas

Las Vegas tradeshow backdrop signs are popular at the events and shows in Vegas. There are hundreds of events and shows occurring annually in Las Vegas. These shows attract the top businesses from around the world to display their product lines. So in return, millions of people from around the world come to these events to see the newest products. This allows them to get an edge on the competition and pre-order their merchandise. The vendors and companies displaying at these events need lots and lots of signs and banners to display their products. So pvc signs, sintra signs and foam board signs are needed for these events. Also large banners, banner stands and tradeshow backdrop signs.

The companies and vendors show casing their products at events like backdrop banner signs becasue they can print their company name and logo on them. As well as there product lines for everybody to see. As people walk by their display booths, they get to look at these large backdrop banners and the pictures of the products. So if they are interested, they stop and inquire. The backdrop banners act like a billboard to get their attention.

Las Vegas Tradeshow Backdrop Signs
Las Vegas Tradeshow Signs

Las Vegas Tradeshow Backdrop Signs Come In Different Sizes

The two most popular backdrop signs are the 8ft model and the 10ft model signs. These signs come in a complete kit. So they have hardware and a fabric banner that fits snugly over the frame. The 8ft backdrop display sign comes with a travel bag for easy transportation. The 10 ft backdrop display comes with the same equipment. Both signs are easy to set up and take down. They can be set up without expensive union labor. The turnaround time on these display banners is 304 days. So make sure that you order before hand. If not, 8ft banners or 10ft banners can be made and used with a large adjustable banner stand.