Poster Board Signs Las Vegas

Poster board signs Las Vegas are a favorite at the many conventions held in Las Vegas. These foam core board signs are used for temporary signage at these events. The signs are light weight and can be custom made to any size. So the foam board signs look very professional and can be hung from the ceilings or walls.

The vendors and companies who are presenting their products or services at these events like the foamboard signs. They prefer to have them made in Vegas . Because so often the signs get damaged while being shipped into Las Vegas for an event. So there are hundreds of events held every year in Vegas . As Las Vegas is a top destination for conventions and exhibitions. People from all over the world attend these events and they drive the southern Nevada economy.

Poster Board Signs Las Vegas
Poster Board Sign Las Vegas

How Are Poster Board Signs Las Vegas Made ?

Thje most common foam poster sign is made with 3/16ths foam board. The foam board has a outer paper covering which allows it to be printed on. The poster sign can be a full color sign. Meaning that you can print as many colors on the foamboard sign as you like. So this includes pictures and images as well. The foam core sign is then laminated with a gloss or matte laminate. So this helps protect the print against scuffing and minor damage. The matte lamination dulls out the print a little but does not reflect sunlight. The gloss lamination gives it a shiny appearance.

The foam board signs also come in a 1/2″ thick material as well. Some of the convention venues will pit stands on the foam board signage and stand it straight up. These foam core signs make wonderful directional signage. The Las Vegas casinos will also use foam board signs as directional signage as well inside the casino. Because if they fall over, they will not hurt anyone.