Poster Foam Board Sign Printing

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Poster foam board sign printing is big business during the long convention season in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a top spot to hold conventions and trade shows in the United States. There are hundreds of these events. So this attracts thousands of vendors and companies from around the world. So these events also attract millions of participants from all over. The newest and best gadgetry are introduced and everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of new products. So many Las Vegas signs and convention signage is needed for these events.

The foam core board signs are one of the real popular types of signage at these vents. These foam board signs are considered temporary signs. The foam board signs are full color signage.Meaning you can print many colors on the signs including pictures, logos and images.

Poster Foam Board Sign Printing
Poster Foam board Signs

How Is Poster Foam Board Sign Printing Performed ?

The typical foam board sign is printed on a 3/16th thick foam board. The substrate is made with a foam board with a outer paper shell that allows the foam board to be printed on. The foam board signs can be custom made to any size you like. The foam board signage is printed in full color. And then laminated with a glossy or matte lamination. The matte lamination dulls the print and helps protect it against minor scuffs. it also does not reflect lighting or flash. The glossy lamination allows for a shiny appearance which looks very professional. So therefore it reflects lighting and camera flashes.

Some of the more popular sizes are the 24×36 foam board sign and the 18×24 foam board sign. These signs can be made rather quickly and often the same day. Your local Las Vegas sign company will have more information on the pricing and availability of these Vegas signs.