Same Day Vegas Dust Signs

Custom Dust Control Signs

Same day Vegas dust signs are available in emergency situations. So occasionally something goes awry and and Dept. of Environment and Sustainability are requiring a dust sign. Or a work stoppage and fines are going to be ordered. So in these cases. You have to get that Las Vegas dust control permit sign up and displaying to be in compliance.

Same Day Vegas Dust Signs
Vegas Dust Signs

How Are Same Day Vegas Dust Signs Made ?

Las Vegas dust control permit signs are printed on a vinyl sticker and then laminated. The sticker is then applied to a double sided aluminum panel. So this aluminum panel has a filler substrate that makes it rigid. The e-panel or dibond panel is preferred by builders. Because it is lightweight and can be installed by one person. Also because if it gets damaged it can be straightened out. If a large piece of construction runs over a wood dust sign, it breaks. The aluminum dust sign will only bend.

The dust signs need to be 4ft x 4ft to be in compliance with the Clark County rules and regulations.

So certain information is required to be printed on the Clark County dust permit sign. So this information includes name of the project and the permit number. Other information includes permit expiration dates and acreage and some other info. The sign is good up to a year and extensions can be added. If this is the case, your Las Vegas sign company can make a sticker and place over the obsolete information. So this will save you time and money replacing the dust sign. The original sign company that made the dust sign will have the design and can simply make a slightly larger sticker to go over the existing info.

Contact your local Vegas sign store for more information and especially if you need a same day sign.