Vegas 8ft Tradeshow Backdrop Signs

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Vegas 8ft tradeshow backdrop signs are being used for background display signage at the many tradeshow and conventions in Vegas. These large tradeshow 8ft backdrop signs are perfect for the rear of your display booth. The signs can be set up in just a few minutes and carried into the convention venue without the help of expensive union labor. The cost and aggravation of having union workers set up your tradeshow booths is very stressful.

Many companies like these 8ft tradeshow displays. The workers can set them up quickly and the fabric print can be replaced. So this saves a lot of money if you are always changing your advertising. There is no need to buy hardware each time, just replace the the fabric banner at a fraction of the original cost. So since these tradeshow pop up display signs are less than $600, the cost of replacing the fabric print is much less. The kit includes hardware, graphic print and carrying case. The tradeshow signage also comes in other sizes as well. The 10ft tradeshow display popup signs is also available along with a table top model.

Vegas 8ft Tradeshow Backdrop Signs
8ft Trade Show Backdrop Signs

Las Vegas 8ft Tradeshow Backdrop Signs Are Great For Events and Shows

Las Vegas tradeshow backdrop signs can be used at many events and shows. The fabric banner graphic on the stands can be machined washed after every event. So they will look fresh and new for the next event.

The fabric prints can be full color and have pictures printed on them. So full color means you can have as many colors printed on the graphic as you like.

Call your local Las Vegas tradeshow sign shop today for more information on these great tradeshow signs. So throw in a retractable banner stand and a table cloth sign and you pretty much have all your graphic needs met for your display booth.