Vegas Foam Board Signs

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Vegas foam board signs are used a lot at trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. The vendors and companies showing off their products like these light weight foam signs. The companies will place these foam core signs on easels or on top of their tables. So they can also be hung from above without fear of hurting someone. These foam board signs are very light and will not cause damage if they are knocked down.

The typical foam board sign is made with 3/16ths foam board material. The foam board is wither printed directly onto or a vinyl application is applied to the foam board. You can also laminate the foam board with gloss or matte lamination. The gloss lamination allows for a shiny finish. The bad part is that it looks very nice and professional but reflects light. The matte lamination dulls out the print a little but does not reflect light. The lamination also helps protect the print from minor scratches and keeps it looking nice.

Foam board signage is considered temporary signage. These inexpensive signs are designed for indoor use. The weather and sun will cause the foam to warp if exposed for too long of periods.

Vegas Foam Board Signs
Vegas Foam Core Signs

Vegas Foam Board Signs Are Inexpensive

Tradeshow foam board signs can be made rather quickly. Large format printers do most of the work. Consequently the foam boards are not expensive. The hardest part is getting the design. But most companies have artwork ready for print. Companies prefer to have their signs and banners made in Las Vegas. So this way they avoid shipping charges and the threat of lost or damaged signs. Many Las Vegas sign shops make these foam boards fast and cheap. Contact a local Las Vegas sign shop today for more information.