Construction Dust Control Signs Vegas

Construction dust control signs Vegas are mandatory at construction sites. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability require a dust control sign on location. The dust people also require a responsible party for a job site. This person is in charge of making sure that dust does not go into the air. The responsible party has to take a Clark County dust class to learn how to control dust.

The dust control permit sign has to be a certain size along with a certain format. The information on the dust permit sign must contain the permittee’s name, project name and contact information. Also the project acreage, expiration date of the dust permit and permit number. The responsible party’s phone number is so that they can be called if their are any dust violations. It is much better to have a complainant call the responsible party than the good people at the govt. office. Because nobody wants a the govt. people on their job site.

Construction Dust Control Signs Vegas
Dust Control Permit Signs Vegas

How Are Construction Dust Control Signs Vegas Made ?

Vegas dust signs are printed on an adhesive sticker and then laminated. So the lamination helps protect the sign from fading and minor scuffs while being displayed. The adhesive sticker is then applied to an aluminum double sided panel. The aluminum allows for a rust free sign that does very well in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas. The dust control sign can also be applied to wood. The construction people generally like the aluminum sign because it can be installed by one person. Also many times a dust sign will be damaged by construction equipment. So with aluminum it can be straighten out and put back up. The wood dust signs usually splinter and have to be replaced at an extra cost.