Vegas Dust Permit Signage For Construction

Double Sided Foam Board Signs

Vegas dust permit signage is needed for commercial and residential construction in Clark County. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability regulate air quality. So they regulate and try to stop dust from going into the air at construction sites. They make companies and self builders take dust classes to learn how to keep dust out of the air that we all breathe. The desert has a fine dust on top of the soil that moves around when disturbed or on windy days. This dust disturbance causes air pollution.

One of the items that Clark County requires is a dust control sign. This dust control sign must be the minimum size of 4ft x 4ft. it has to contain certain information on the sign as well. So this information includes permit number, expiration date of permit and contact information. Also needed on the dust sign is the name of the project, name of builder and the acreage involved. So this allows for people to easily identify the construction project. And contact a responsible party if their is a dust violation.

Vegas Dust Permit Signage
Vegas Dust Control Sign

How Do You Make Vegas Dust Permit Signage ?

The dust control signs are printed on an adhesive vinyl. They are then laminated to help protect the sign against the sun and other weather conditions. The vinyl is then applied to a dibond aluminum panel. The dibond sign panel is a double sided aluminum panel with a filler panel. So as to give the dust control sign rigidity. The aluminum panel makes the dust sign free from rusting in the outdoor weather. The dust sign is then installed in a conspicuous spot that is easy to observe.

Las Vegas dust signs are made by local sign companies for around $150.00. These dust signs can be made fairly quickly. Same day dust signs and next day dust signs are usually the time frame for making your construction dust sign.