Dust Control Signage Vegas

Custom Dust Control Signs

Dust control signage Vegas is needed for commercials and residential construction sites. The dust control signs are mandatory to be present on construction sites. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability regulate such matters. They require a 4×4 dust permit sign to be placed in plain view on the site.

The dust control sign must contain certain information as required by the Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The permit number, permittee and acreage needs to be printed on the signs. So does the permittee’s contact information, date of expiration and project name. Also the dust people’s number need to be on the sign in case their are violations that cannot be resolved with the responsible dust party.

Dust Control Signage Vegas
Dust Control Signs Vegas

How Are Dust Control Signage Vegas Made ?

Dust permit signs are printed on a big adhesive sticker that is then laminated. The sticker is printed with solvent inks designed to last a long time in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas. The lamination helps protect the print from minor scuffs and damage. The lamination also extends the life of the dust sign by protecting it against the suns rays.

The dust control sign after printing is then applied to a double sided aluminum panel. It is called a dibond or epanel material. The construction people like the aluminum material over the mdo wood substrate. As many times the dust signs get run over by a large construction piece of equipment. So while the wood dust sign would splinter, the aluminum dust sign can be straightened out and rehung. The Vegas dust control signs cost about $150 each and can be made very quickly. Often, construction people will also order a few of the no trespass signs at the same time to place on the property. Check with your local dust sign printing company for more information.