Custom Dust Control Signs

Custom dust control signs are available at your local sign company in Las Vegas. The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability is in charge of enforcing dust regulations. One of the requirements they impose is a dust sign must be placed at construction sites. Another requirement is that there be a responsible party for dust related issues. These designated responsible parties must attend a Clark County dust class. So this is where they learn how to minimize the amount of dust that goes into the air at a construction site. As the desert topsoil has a fine dust that goes into the air when disturbed. So this dust causes air pollution in Clark County.

Custom Dust Control Signs
Dust Control Permit Signs

Certain Information Needs To Be Printed On Custom Custom Dust Control Signs

The Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability require that specific information must be printed on a dust permit sign. This information includes permittee’s name, construction company and acreage of the property. Also required is the expiration date of the permit, permit number and contact information for the responsible party. So this allows easy access of information for people needing to speak with the responsible party. if there is a dust violation, it is much better to have a concerned party call the responsible party than the officials at Clark County. This is because nobody wants a govt agency on their job site. enforced compliance with dust regulations can result in fines and work stoppage. No construction company wants that.

The minimum requirement for a Vegas dust sign is 4ft x 4ft. Many of the sign shops will print your custom dust information on the dust permit sign and then laminate the sign. So the lamination helps protect the dust control sign against minor abuse. Your local sign company will have more information to assist you.