Cheap Dust Control Signs Vegas

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Cheap dust control signs Vegas are mandatory for construction sites in Clark County. The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability regulate dust are construction sites all over Clark County. These good people at the dept. of environment require that each construction site have a designated person who is responsible for dust compliance. These designated dust people must take a Clark County Dust Class. Another requirement is that a dust control sign be displayed on a construction site.

So this dust permit sign must be at least 4×4 or bigger. The dust control permit sign must have certain information posted on the sign. The text is also mandated to be certain heights. Information such as dust permit number, acreage and contact information for the Clark County dust people and responsible party has to be on the sign. The county dust people want the public to be able to telephone the responsible party before they are contacted. So this gives the responsible party that opportunity to correct the dust related issue before they get involved. This is a good idea because most people do not want government people at their construction sites with complaints in hand. These dust people have the ability to fine and shut down construction sites. So this could cause quite of bit of money and delay the completion of a building project.

Cheap Dust Control Signs Vegas
Dust Control Permit Signs Vegas

Are Dust Control Signs Vegas Inexpensive ?

The cost of a Clark County dust control sign is about $150.00 for a 4×4 aluminum sign. The dust sign makers like the aluminum because it is weather proof and light weight. The construction people like the metal dust sign because invariably it always gets run over a few times at a construction site by large equipment. So this allows the aluminum sign to be straightened out and rehung to be in compliance.