Clark County Dust Control Signs

Clark County dust control signs are required by the Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability. The signs need to be 4ft x 4ft or bigger and be in plain view at a construction site. The responsible party at a construction site is responsible for the dust control sign and other related manners. As the Clark County dust people require a responsible party at a construction site. This responsible party is mandated to take a dust class on how to minimize dust and dirt going into the air. The dust is a major problem in Las Vegas as there is a fine dust on the desert floor. This fine dust when moved around gets into the air we all breathe and causes concerns.

The Clark County dust people require specific information on the Vegas dust signs. This information includes the permittee’s name, project name and permit number. Also required is the Clark County dust peoples dust number, acreage and expiration date of the dust permit. The responsible parties telephone number is also on the dust permit control sign. So this way if someone has a concern, they can call the responsible party rather than Clark County dust people. Because nobody wants to have a complaint registered against them and have the dust people come out and investigate. it is best to keep the dust people off your property. As they have the power to issue fines and close down to the construction site.

Clark County Dust Control Signs
Clark County Dust Control Sign

Clark County Dust Control Signs Can Be Made Quickly.

The dust control signs can be made fairly quickly. They usually take just a day or two to make. But same day dust signs are also available in cases of emergency. Such as when your project is being threatened to be shut down from a lack of having a dust permit sign displayed. Also, many times the sign company can get you those Nevada no trespass signs to help keep unwanted people off your property.