Dust Control Sign

Custom Dust Control Signs

Dust control sign is mandatory on construction sites in Southern Nevada. These dust control signs are required to be posted according to the Clark County Dept. of Environment and Sustainability. The dust control sign must be easily visible to the public. Certain information needs to be also printed on the dust permit sign.

The good people at Clark County dust department take enforcing the dust laws very seriously. If you do not comply with their regulations. They can shut down your construction site and issue fines. In addition, the Clark County dust people require a responsible party take a dust information class. So this class educates you on how to keep the dust from going into the air. The Southern Nevada desert has a fine dust on their top soil. So when disturbed or on a windy day, the dust goes into the air we all breathe. This can be a health issue for many residents on Clark County.

Dust Control Sign
Dust Control Signs

What Information Does a Dust Control Sign Need ?

The dust control permit sign requires the permittee’s name, project name and permit number. Also the responsible party’s telephone information needs to be printed on the sign as well. So the Clark County Dept of Environment also has to have their telephone number printed on the sign. So this way of there is a violation of the dust requirements. The complaining party can call the responsible party to take care of it. If not, they can call the county dust people who will come out and enforce it. So by the way nobody wants the govt. people on their job site. Another good idea is to have no trespassing signs placed on your construction site. These no trespass signs will help keep unwanted people off your property.

More information can be obtained by contacting your Vegas dust sign company.