Foam Board Signs

Trade Show Signs Displays

Foam board signs work great for the vendors and companies displaying at the trade show events. These foam core board signs Vegas are made out of foam with a paper exterior on both sides that is printable. The foamcore signs are light weight and can easily be hung from ceilings. They also work very well for advertising and directional signage. They are very popular at the trade shows and events.

Las Vegas foam board signs can be custom made to any size you like. The most common sizes ordered are the 18×24 foam board sign, 24×36 foam board sign and the 36×48 foam board sign. However the foam signs come in any custom size you like. The signs are full color. So that means you can print a variety of colors on the foam board along with pictures and logos.

The foam board substrate is usually a 3/16th inch thick foam board. The board comes in black and white colors. The foam board substrate also comes in the thicker 1/2″ thick substrate. These thicker foam board are used for stand up signs. Usually a 3×6 1/2″ thick foam board signs is placed on a stand that holds the light weight foam board straight up. The signs are almost life like at that size. The casinos like them because if they get knocked over they will not hurt anyone. Also because they are self standing signs, they can be placed anywhere and be moved around.

Foam Board Signs
Foam Board Signage

Foam Board Signs Can Be Made Fast

Same day foam board signs are possible in Las Vegas. The events and shows need many Las VEgas signs and Vegas banners. So there are many Vegas sign shops willing to help you out with your sign needs. They have modern equipment that can get you same day signs.