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Poster boards signs Vegas are available for your event or show in Las Vegas Nevada. These foam board signs are popular at events. They are considered temporary signage and look very professional. So the poster board signs are designed for indoor use. As placing them outside with subject the foam to weather conditions and warping. The poster board signs have many uses at the event venues. So they are in big demand as they are a top seller for events. Las Vegas has many events being held annually. In fact these events attract thousands of vendors and companies from all over the world. They show off innovate products and the newest gadgetry. It is estimated that over 4 million people will come to Vegas to attend these events every year.

Las Vegas has three large event venues to handle these crowds. The largest is the Las Vegas Convention Center at over two million square feet of space. The other two event facilities, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and venetian Convention Center have over one million feet of space to hold very large conventions. In fact these event facilities are so large that they can actually have several events taking place at the same time under one roof. So Las Vegas has established itself as one of the premiere places to have an event or trade show.

Poster Boards Signs Vegas
Poster Board Sign Las Vegas

How Are Poster Boards Signs Vegas Made ?

Foam board signs are usually made with a 3/16th foam board substrate. The foam is covered with a inner and outer paper that allows it to be printed on. The foam core signs are full color. So this means you can print multiple colors on the signs. The poster signs are then laminated with a gloss or matte laminate. So as to help protect the print from minor scratches or scuffs.